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Paradigma CrossCheck is a secure, decentralized, automatic, paperless contract monitoring ( with IOT devices or not) activities, transactions and iteractions of users. By certifying transactions Paradigma Crosscheck helps to reduce cost and increases your business efficiency. Paradigma CrossCheck facilitates smart & safe transactions without the need of intermediaries.

You are only three steps away from your own smart contract:

1. Agree with business partners or team members on the conditions of your contract or agreement.

2. Monitor your contract with Crosscheck. Check at any time if the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled.

3. Get paid or pay only if conditions are met. Alternatively, receive a notification or alert according to your contract.

Introduction (problem at its basis)

Paradigma CrossCheck has been inspired by a culture of cooperation and reciprocity in small communities. Paradigma has been at the forefront of helping communities in need for more than 20 years. On the other hand, it acknowledges from its experience that people, groups, companies and organizations have difficulties to cooperate with each other. They tend to protect their acquired knowledge, status and resources. A more decentralized and interactive economy will not necessarily develop in a natural way if people do not have the tools to do so. It is for that reason that Paradigma CrossCheck has comes to life. Taking advantage of the trustless system inherent to blockchain technology, Paradigma CrossCheck opens the possibility for everyone to develop a startup or enhance existing business by securing safe interactions and transactions.

From a centralized to a decentralized society

A society can be seen as a stream of events and interactions in time from which some will have more impact than others. From such events, rules, procedures, legislation and a sense of what is right or wrong will guide our perceptions, creating a culture around it. From within such development, organizations and institutions evolve that reaffirm our status and thus create a new way of thinking. Centralization for that matter has become the prevalent way to organize our societies. This does not mean that this is the best way forward. Decentralization opens a new dynamic for innovation. In a more decentralized society, power will be more widely distributed. We believe that a more decentralized economy will empower people, make them more creative and better protect the interests of individuals and businesses.

Providing basic tools to start decentralizing

CrossCheck is a system for crosschecking events. Crosschecking of events is done by agreed procedures stipulated in a smart contract comparable to a legal contract. The agreed provisions of such a contract form the basis for interactions between members of the Crosscheck community. The bigger the community becomes, the stronger it will be, offering ever more business options for its members. Crosscheck offers rock solid security: when conditions are off limits, the contract will immediately activate and notify the parties sharing the information of such deviation. When agreed conditions are met, business transactions will proceed as usual. As per contract, information will be tracked and accumulated in a distributed manner with full privacy protection. Crosscheck provides the necessary flexibility to adapt the parameters of your business enabling you to safely start a new strand of business activity when needed.

A few examples

Pizza Delivery Service

Solving the soggy pizza problem

A pizzeria wants to deliver its products in the best conditions to its customer. For that purpose, it hires an individual or company that takes the pizza to its destination. Great! However, how often haven’t we had our pizza delivered lukewarm, cold or soggy? Wouldn’t it be great if the restaurant, its delivery service and costumers could keep track of temperature and humidity to optimize the conditions of the pizza?

Paradigma CrossCheck is a Dapp that tracks data in a ledger creating smart contracts for specific business agreements and collaborations, allowing monitoring of product conditions with IOT devices (sensors).

In this case a smart contract is created that outlines the procedure and the right parameters of time, temperature and humidity for its delivery. Additionally a rating system can be added to the contract further deepening the understanding of what is happening.

This pizza restaurant will develop best practices and improve delivery conditions creating a network of pizzerias that provide extra quality in its delivery process.

As the system tracks delivery and satisfaction through reviews from clients and incidents during transport they will be able to deliver better pizzas and be more competitive.

The client will learn from reviews which pizzerias have this quality cross-check system.

This could inspire new ways of specializing in smart delivery of food.

Finally, the delivery person can track his own data and discover where he/she should be best geopositioned to receive more delivery requests.

Monitoring ship containers

Problem: temperature can drop or rise inside a reefer container enough to damage its contents.

Containers are being tracked with IOT devices and a bill of lading registers all the relevant information for shipping. The bill of lading will be transformed into a smart contract and the IOT device will monitor among others the temperature range acceptable for producer, carrier and buyer. Real time tracking enables to make decisions on the go avoiding in this case great potential losses. The contract will make further possible the following:

1. Tracking which carrier is moving the container.

2. Tracking where the container is located globally.

3. Tracking if the environment conditions inside the container are the correct ones.

4. Tracking if a container is being open, shaken or altered in some way.

5. Tracking if the geo-positioning correspond with the timetable of location.

6. Tracking if the container needs to be brought to a different harbor due to accelerated ripening of fruit.

7. Arrange an automatic payment at arrival or arrange an automatic demurrage fine in case of delay.

8. Make possible a paperless documentation handover.

Let’s assume that a supermarket starts tracking its avocados and thus ensures better business results avoiding potential losses because of temperature variations. The supermarket decides then to start to import bananas. A new contract will be created based on the original success formula, extending potential gains to this new product. From here a new hub of information and knowledge can be acquired and immediately be put into practice in a decentralized network.

Just as centralized companies accumulate knowledge to gain advantage from competitors, each smart contract that is properly functioning and making money will be accumulating valuable know how. The hubs or clusters of businesses that have the correct variables working, will succeed and be more competitive providing more traffic and more money exchange.

Monitoring temperature at work

We want to track and control temperature in our working environment improving in order to improve the office workplace environment and facilitating maintenance and or repair of equipment.

Who participates in this network and what can it do for them?:

1. The landlord renting out office space. He or she will notice that the offices are using more electricity than contractually agreed, enabling him/her to automatically charge according to the increase in consumption.

2. The tenant looking for state of the art office space will be able to change the temperature and humidity by means of his or smart phone.

3. The companies maintaining and servicing equipment such as, heating, air conditioning, fire alarm systems etc. will receive real time notification when to repair a cooling unit, humidifier, alarm systems etc.

Paradigma CrossCheck will enable the verification of environment parameters and automatically send a notification to all involved. When the air-conditioning temperature parameters are back to normal within an agreed timeframe, the Crosscheck system will automatically ensure payment to the company for its repair. This tracking of temperature as such is not new. What is new is that this will happen in a secure decentralized paperless manner, arranging on time maintenance and repair, facilitated by an automatic payment system and certification of events.

Paradigma CrossCheck is a platform for different business networks such as described above, with the extra benefit that each can be implemented with its own characteristics. Similarly to the pizza network, this cluster can be developed in any direction the market needs, altering the variables and their ranges.

Final Comments

We sincerely believe that the underlying blockchain technology together with Blockstack will be a powerful way forward and Paradigma CrossCheck is committed to create the best experience possible in discovering new ways for successful businesses in a decentralized economy.

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